Provision of railcars for a technical run means one-way transportation of cargo in a railcar along the route approved in an Order in accordance with the scheduled delivery time-limits as per the Rules of Transportation (SMGS) agreed with the general-purpose roads administrations (AD) and it is one of the main lines of the Company’s activities.

The work is founded on the customized approach which makes it possible to select an optimum transportation solution consistent with the tasks and demands of each customer. The Company owns 65 railcars (aside from the outsourced fleet), thus ensuring reliable freight transportation for our partners.

The Company’s specialists closely monitor the technical condition of the railcars, carry out regular maintenance and repair, even while en route. All railcars are covered by insurance (CASCO). This makes it possible to warrant that each railcar corresponds to all the safety requirements, ensures complete cargo safety and transportation reliability.

Dear partners, we also ask you to kindly bear in mind that a railcar cannot be expected to be as easily available as a three-penny toy balloon; it takes some effort and time to deliver the railcar to the required station. To be cost-effective, a railcar needs to be on rail tracks round the clock!

If you need to rent goods railcars or flatcars, please get in touch with our Company’s specialists.