Free economic zone (FEZ) enables to store cargoes in Latvia and Estonia without customs payments and during an unlimited period, to execute the substation of owners, re-pack and accumulate the required cargo shipments by shipping the cargoes in the same railcar, based on the customer’s apportioning instructions, together with various cargoes/containers designated for several recipients. By treating the cargoes with care during the transshipment which is carried out under the “container-warehouse-railcar” (and vice versa) principle we secure regular cargo traffic.

Cargo storage in the ports of Latvia and Estonia enables us to use all the advantages of a FEZ, without customs clearance and additional expenses for the movement of cargoes to inland warehouses in Latvia and Estonia.

Our clients may also store, re-pack, mark and process cargoes/goods without incurring any additional tax costs and dispatch the cargoes to any location in the world, both by sea, by inland and air transportation.

Riga, Muuga, Paldiski and Sillamae Ports are the largest Latvia and Estonia’s ice-free deep-water ports, with a constantly developing container and general cargo processing infrastructure. There is a free economic zone in the territory of the ports, which makes it possible to store cargoes without making customs payments, substitute the cargo owners, re-pack and accumulate the required cargo shipments and ship them based on the customer’s instructions, with several commodities/containerized cargoes in one railcar, subject to the railcar type.