The RW CARGO company, founded in 2013 with 100% private capital, specializes in the market of freight forwarding services in the field of multimodal container transportation and general cargo.

Provides a wide range of services, including: organization of export-import, domestic and transit traffic;

The long-term experience of our specialists allows us to solve problems of high-quality delivery of goods in accordance with the actual needs of a business client.

We also have our own rolling stock: covered wagons and railway platforms, and we are interested in proposals for organizing container route transportation along domestic routes, as well as in the Central and North-Western regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Baltic states.

Since September 2014, fruitful cooperation has been established with the largest sea carriers, as well as with port terminals, road carriers and forwarding companies.

Fruitful cooperation has been established with the largest sea carriers and port terminals in Russia, Estonia and Latvia, and with land terminals at the border crossings of Kazakhstan and China.

In early 2017, contracts for container services were signed with the port of Bronka, including the Bronka-2 transport and logistics complex. Contractual relations for the provision of services have been agreed with the TLC in the Moscow region “Bely Rast” and “Ekodor”. There are plans to develop container routes through these terminals using their own platforms from st. Dostyk to st. Bronka / st. Oranienbaum.